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Brand Info
Registration Number BIDP0102
Product / Service Category Food & Beverage
Time of Establishment 2000
Main Product(s) / Service(s) Grain & Cereal, Drink, Snack, Bean, Frozen Meat
Award (Year) Hong Kong Top Brand (2003)
Brand Profile

Greendotdot is a retail chain that promotes organic and healthy products in Hong Kong, with the commitment "Organic.Natural.Health" to customers. With over 450 products that are sourced from various countries with legitimate organic certification, these products include instant powder, oats, grains, frozen seafood and meat, drinks and snack. Greendotdot is available at over 200 retail stores, supermarkets and department store counters across Hong Kong.

Company Info
Company Limited
Address Flat 2-3, 4/F, Join-In Hang Sing Centre, 2-16 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel no. (852) 3181 4488
Fax no. (852) 3181 4442
Main Product(s) / Service(s)
Greendotdot 100% Black Sesame Seed Powder
Greendotdot 100% Yam Powder
Greendotdot 100% Walnut Powder