Registration Procedure

Eligibility Verification Procedure

  1. To register with Hong Kong Brand i-Directory, a brand should apply for verification of its "Hong Kong Brand" identity. The applicant company should file an application with the Organiser by submitting a signed original copy of "Application Form" together with accurate and objective supporting information as well as photocopies of the relevant documentary proofs.
  2. Document review and verification will be conducted on the applicant brand and applicant company. When necessary, the Organiser may request the applicant to produce true copies of supporting materials, verify with relevant organisations, interview the management, and perform on-site assessment through visiting major operating locations and perusing operating documents like business records and evidence.
  3. Upon completion of the assessment according to "Hong Kong Brand Identification Criteria", the Organiser decides on the eligibility of applicant brand to be accredited as "Hong Kong Brand" and registered with Hong Kong Brand i-Directory. The Organiser also sets out the Scope of Registration, which may include the registered brand and its registered stream, registrant and the registration type. 
  4. The Organiser may set a validity period for the registration and introduce renewal procedure to periodically review the eligibility of a registered brand when it deems necessary.
  5. All decision made by the Organiser shall be final and binding in all matters relating to the assessment and registration.

Registration and Publication

  1. Confirmation in writing by the Organiser shall be sufficient evidence to indicate that a brand, being eligible for registration with Hong Kong Brand i-Directory, has met the definition of and satisfied the criteria on "Hong Kong Brand" as formulated by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council, and it by implication may share some special characteristics associated with Hong Kong original brands.
  2. Basic Information of registered brands and registrant are published on the online facilities of "Hong Kong Brand i-Directory" for free public access.