Hong Kong Brand Identification Criteria

A brand recognised by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council as "Hong Kong Brand" and entitled to be listed on the Hong Kong Brand i-Directory ("Registered Brand" thereafter) should meet the following criteria:

  1. A registered brand should be a product brand or a service brand, which exhibits sufficient distinctiveness, independence and operational sustainability. A product brand is normally represented by the trademark or logo printed on prepackaged goods; whereas a service brand often refers to the trademark or logo shown at the service locations or that of the company operating the related services. Brands engaged in diversified business might apply for "dual registration" in both product brand and service brand streams.
  2. The registered brand should be established in Hong Kong or have substantially close relations with Hong Kong, e.g. owners or significant controllers of the brand being Hong Kong permanent residents or companies registered in Hong Kong, the manufacturing or operating sites mainly based in Hong Kong, the brand's products or services primarily targeted at Hong Kong market, or the brand having significant contribution to or influences on Hong Kong's industrial and economic development.
  3. The registered brand should have been registered with the Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR. Otherwise, the applicant company should produce sufficient evidence to demonstrate originality and proprietorship of the brand.
  4. The applicant company should hold valid Hong Kong company and business registration certificates and have substantive business operations in Hong Kong, and it must demonstrate that it has exclusive rights to fully control the production, distribution or other operational activities of the registered brand.
  5. Apart from "Full Registration" , a brand might be granted "Conditional Registration" or other alternative status in the light of special circumstances. For example, part of the documents required for supporting registration are still being processed or the ambit of the registration is subject to certain restrictions.