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Brand Info
Registration Number BIDP0106
Product / Service Category Medicines & Healthcare Products
Time of Establishment 1997
Main Product(s) / Service(s) Healthcare Dietary Supplement (Eye Care, Brain Care, Heart Care, Joint Care, Immunity Enhancement Series)
Award (Year) Hong Kong Top Brand (2011), Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Customer Service Award (2019)
Brand Profile

Meiriki is dedicated to improving public health. It upholds traditions and positions the company core values centered on professionalism and innovation. It produces and innovates high-quality natural health supplements and offers heartfelt services by pharmacists and nutritionists who strive to establish a "Body, Mind, Spirit" well-being community. It values both business development and corporate social responsibility, incorporating the idea of "sustainable development" into every aspect of production management and aims to guard the future of the nature and humans.

Company Info
Company Concord Alliance Limited
Address Room 1601, 16/F, Tower 1, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel no. (852) 2194 0083
Fax no. (852) 2194 0008
Main Product(s) / Service(s)
Meiriki Platinum DHA 70
Meiriki Bilberry Extract
Meiriki Joint Easy