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Brand Info
Registration Number BIDP0109
Product / Service Category Stationery & Office Equipment
Time of Establishment 2002
Main Product(s) / Service(s) Ballpoint Pen, Stationery, Colour Pencil
Award (Year) Hong Kong Top Brand (2016)
Brand Profile

Hernidex's growing popularity in Hong Kong attributes to high quality, competitive pricing and excellent reputation of its products. Hernidex ballpoint pens write smoothly, are durable, and at a lower price than other brands, thus making it attractive to locals. To ensure the highest quality, the working parts of the pen are tested and certified to international standards. Hernidex also provides files, staples, colour pencils, etc. which are popular in offices and schools. Up to date, over 10 million ballpoint pens have been sold.

Company Info
Company Wah Hing Supplies Group Limited
Address Unit H, 3/F, Freder Centre, 3 Mok Cheong Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel no. (852) 2362 6289
Fax no. (852) 2362 0260
Main Product(s) / Service(s)
Ballpoint Pen and Stationery
Colour Pencil
Glue Stick and Liquid Glue