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Ma Sai Leung Tong
Brand Info
Registration Number BIDP0114
Product / Service Category Medicines & Healthcare Products
Time of Establishment 1971
Main Product(s) / Service(s) Chinese Proprietary Medicine (Bouwaidan), Chinese Medicine External Analgesic (Superior Medicated Oil, Po Ling Medicated Oil, Wind-away Medicated Oil
Award (Year) Hong Kong Top Brand (2017)
Brand Profile

Established in 1971, Ma Sai Leung Tong is devoted to developing and manufacturing superior Chinese medicines. With modernised pharmaceutical equipments and sophisticated manufacturing skills, it is ensured that the original therapeutic effects of the medicines are well-retained. The standard of the Department of Health of HKSAR government has been strictly followed in the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and packaging processes. Also, it is guaranteed that all the medicines have been approved by standard tests and have fulfilled international safety standard.

Company Info
Company H.K. Ma Sai Leung Tong Medicine Manufacturing Limited
Address Room F&G, 5/F, Summit Building, 30 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel no. (852) 2356 8980
Fax no. (852) 2363 9584
Main Product(s) / Service(s)
Yick Kan Medicated Oil
Superior Medicated Oil